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About me


About me

Basil Khan

Solutions Developer and Consultant

Basil is an experienced full-stack web developer. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, where he earned his Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Chemical Engineering with an option in Management Sciences. He has leveraged his self-taught programming and web development skills to solve business challenges in multiple freelancing and commercial software projects all over North America. He has a keen interest in front-end development because of the interesting challenges of the ever-changing industry, but also loves to venture out into some back-end development in his free time.

Through his various oppportunities at start-ups to a Fortune 500 company, Basil has gained enormous amount of experience in product management, data analysis, and solutions engineering. He leverages his analytical, critical thinking and management skills not only when developing software, but also while consulting clients on business applications, video strategy and e-commerce solutions.

Basil is a tech enthusiast and has a keen interest in startups and growth hacking. In his free time, he enjoys attending tech conferences and meetups, reading, biking, travelling and learning Muay Thai and other survival techniques.

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My skills


My skills

Front-End Technologies

HTML5, CSS3 (Sass)
Responsive Design (Bootstrap, Semantic UI)
JavaScript, jQuery
Web Accessibility Design Principles (WCAG 2.0)
React (ES6) with Redux
Angular 2 (TypeScript)

Back-End Technologies

PHP (Twig and Smarty Templating Engine, Solarium, Composer)
WordPress (WordPress plugin development, third-party services integration)
Python (Selenium Webdriver, PyAutoGUI, Pandas, Flask-RESTful, Django)
Search Platform and Indexing Engine (Apache Solr)
Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Data Model Development)
Java (Payment Gateway API Integration)


IndexedDB (localstorage)
Database management tools (phpMyAdmin, mongobooster)

Platforms and Development Tools

Linux/UNIX (Bash)
Web Debugging (Chrome Dev Tools, Fiddler)
Package Managers (npm, composer)
Version Control (Git)
Cloud Services - AWS (EC2 instance, S3), Digital Ocean, Heroku, Firebase

Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Engineering Modelling

Aspen Plus (AspenTech)


Work Experience

Client Services Developer

  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Custom Development and Integrations
  • Customer Success
  • Enhanced the core Vidyard product functionality by developing proof of concepts and leading custom development and integrations projects for mid-to-high profile clients
  • Scoped out client’s technical requirements and custom development projects while collaborating with Customer Success and Account Management teams
  • Accelerated time-to-value for customers with the development of custom and/or reusable applications and features to integrate with customer internal workflows using Vidyard and third party APIs
  • Collaborated with the core product management and engineering teams to deliver product enhancements, features and client branding requirements within the Vidyard codebase by integrating with the core product development workflow

Application Developer

  • Web Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Software Consulting
  • Developed a core Product Portfolio application with existing customer data using React, Apache Solr indexing engine, python to automate preprocessing of unstructured data into a structured NoSQL database and Ruby for Data Model Development with over 175 unique multi-attribute fields
  • Provided consultation and web development expertise to integrate custom services using PHP and merchant’s payment gateway API using Java for enterprise e-commerce clients on the LANSA Commerce Edition Platform
  • Collaborated with pre-sales teams to develop proof of concepts based on customer requirements for product features while leading, providing training for and leveraging off-shore development teams

Honours Chemical Engineering, Option in Management Sciences

  • Engineering
  • Management Sciences
  • Co-op Program

UW Engineering Society, UW Apprentice 2015, Startup Weekend 2015, Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Institute for Sustainability (IfS), Beach Volleyball (intramurals), Muay Thai Club

Co-founder and Web Developer

  • Web Development
  • Small Business and E-commerce Solutions
  • Software Consulting
  • Managed website consultation and development, and provided in-person and remote client training and support for small businesses in the Toronto and Waterloo Area
  • Implemented web tools, including Google Analytics, email newsletters, online coupons and contact forms, to increase user engagement by over 5 times
  • Utilized Selenium browser automation tool to increase client website visibility on classified ad websites

Product Management Intern

  • Product Management
  • Water Treatment Technologies
  • Lifecycle Services
  • Industrial Internet
  • Established the Lifecycle Services brand by developing over 25 project case studies and technical product specifications, competitor analysis and evaluating project KPI metrics; generated business intelligence reports for the product management team using excel pivot tables and project data from Salesforce (CRM software)
  • Developed an MS Access data aggregation tool using Visual Basic to build custom reports by extracting relevant information from over 40 distinct csv files, thereby increasing project tracking and research efficiency by over 90%
  • Performed competitive analysis of leading products and services pertaining to ultrafiltration membranes, membrane bioreactors and reverse osmosis membranes in the market

Product and Data Analyst

  • Data Mining
  • Water Data Anaytics
  • Market Intelligence
  • Worked in an agile environment to provide the development team with insights into customer needs and challenges, suggestions for new application features and explored opportunities for future product enhancements
  • Standardized the process of automating data parsing to improve the data quality by 80% on the Django (Python) web application
  • Exceeded company and project objectives by providing exceptional market intelligence reports to 4 local and international clients and created project plans to compile future proposals and reports on a larger scale

Research Assistant

  • Renewables and Integrated Energy Systems
  • Standards Engineering
  • Energy Management
  • Received the Aileen Proudfoot Award for best representing the values of CanmetENERGY and excelling in research work as part of Renewables and Integrated Energy Systems Group
  • Evaluated insulation performance of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) and predicted potential energy savings on a large scale as part of the ISO 50001 Pilot Project
  • Programmed a datalogger for carrying out autonomous CSA water heater tests and reducing department expenses by $50,000 in outsourcing fees

Engineering Sales Intern

  • HVAC Engineered Systems
  • Applications Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Utilized principles of psychrometrics and an array of product specific software to design, size and select HVAC equipment based on engineering consultant’s design specifications
  • Collaborated with contracting sales department to meet client requirements and effectively reduce project costs by over 20%
  • Reviewed and created Bill of Materials (BOM) and performed cost estimation of over $8 million in project equipment costs through collaboration with seven cross-functional teams
  • Provided project management support for commercial and industrial HVAC projects of various scales through coordination with contractors, suppliers and logistics department